About the blog

Energy studies have always fascinated me. I remember my first interest in the subject growing as a kid when my dad shared stories about his early days in this industry. Taking up Mechanical engineering in college, the interest grew through a voluntary training experience at a power station. My professional life began like many others – fresh out of college with the first job in hand. Not something I had initially wished for but looking back, it has been a learning experience all the way. Circumstances later helped me in obtaining a position to study overseas in UK. Economics had also been a fascination that had been the result of books on financial crisis, markets and equity. A year later I am fresh out of university with a degree. Writing had always been something of an interest and this blog is an effort to use my education to provide a simple narrative to people not familiar with the energy, finance or legislative sector.

I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate from West Bengal University of Technology and I possess three years of work experience in project/production management. I was awarded a post-graduate Masters degree in Global Energy Management from the University of Strathclyde Business School. The course of my studies/work have allowed me to work with British Government agencies and industrial, large-scale consumers and stakeholders.

Sagnik Ghoshal